Moving or Repair Example
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Create a Claim.
When a new claim is received, use eStatus to begin the tracking process. Now you'll be able to send status reports quickly and easily - without using paper or sending a fax!

Send a Status Update.
When the status of a claim changes, give the adjuster an update with just a few clicks of the mouse. The adjuster will receive an email that contains the status information you just updated, along with a link back to the claim. It's easy for him/her to view the whole claim if necessary.

Work the Claim.
As you take photographs of the damage, bring in upholstery cleaners, order parts and schedule visits with the shipper, make all the notes you want in eStatus. Send a progress update to the adjuster with a single mouse click - so much faster than printing and faxing a 5-page report!

File a Final Report and Request Payment.
When the repair or inspection is complete, create a final report to the adjuster. The final report is a modified CPPC approved form that accepts digital photographs and scanned releases. When the report is finished, change the status to show that work is complete and submit the final report as an invoice.

Acknowledge Payment and Archive the Claim.
When payment has been received, use eStatus as a online storage partner to keep the details of completed claims, instead of printing each one out. Then, archive the claim, to remove from the list of claims you see every day. But rest assured, that claim is easily retrieved if you need it later on.

New Functionality! QuickBooks Integration Enhancement. (PDF)
Gold subscribers have access to the QuickBooks Integration tool, which will download all claims (when complete) to create invoices in QuickBooks, as well as marking the invoices paid when the claim is marked "Payment Received". online transit claim reporting for the Moving Industry.

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